2 March 2015


This is a piece of fan-art for another series I love. Not much to be said here, it's not an innovating piece or anything; just took an hour to relax and the great Subzero character from the games paid a visit in my head. He demanded to get out there.

It had such major fun painting him!

18 February 2015

SIL NUEDA (Wood Elf)

This here, is the depiction of a male Wood Elf for a dungeons & dragons world, where they are known as Sil Nueda. And, to quote:

"The Wood Elves, as other non-elven races came to call them, are the fair folk of the forests, referring to themselves as Sil Nueda (translates to Night's Children in Asil, the elven tongue). They have a very long life span, closing in to seven centuries, and are known for their traditions, honor, striking beauty, and legendary patience. That is, until someone depletes it."

For this piece, I wanted to let my love for Justin Sweet and fantasy Warhammer book art get in the way and influence me as much as possible, combined with my own track of style. Darker mood, soft and earthly color palette, and a controlled mess of brush strokes produced this result.


Personal work I did for a dungeons & dragons, fantasy world. This is the coast line of a realm, hugely influenced by the Caribbean, films, games, and such.

Abstract brushes where intentionally used, as a means to move away from detailing, and making my strokes more loose and form-oriented.


These are some of the images I did for a dark, medieval fantasy project, that went into ice. It may get canceled or it may revive, with some major changes.

Either way, here is some work I did for its original form; some environments, some characters, some enemies.


In-between work, I tend to turn back into studies. These studies sometimes, turn into (well, let's face it) copies of life studies. The following is a collection of such images, referenced from models off the internet, or the picture of a friend.

These images always relax me and act as a slap back into a proper way of thinking (as far as composition and values go), when I get knee-deep into my comicbook background.

Some of my favorites, are these displayed below.

10 June 2014

FAN ART: MASS EFFECT (Legion & Garrus Vakarian)

Not much to be said about these two; I had this urge to illustrate a couple of characters from the Mass Effect universe, and those ended up being Legion and Garrus Vakarian. 

I enjoy these pieces because I learned lots while painting them.

5 March 2014


In 2013, I took a round of course under the mentorship of mr. Sickbrush (http://sickbrush.blogspot.gr/), which took me through a series of learning experiences and great pains (such is the nature of growth). The final part of the aforementioned mentorship revolved around creature design; my assignment was an omnivore, fat, lazy bastard. The development posed questions such as what color should this creature be, the anatomy, the way it hunts and the way it protects itself, etc. 

Questions produced answers and, step by step, we reached the following conlusion for the Fat One: